Dear Friends of Parcel of Peace,

We are an NGO legally registered in Nepal, working since 2012. We do projects focusing on improving the standard of education in government schools of Nuwakot, Nepal. Today and everyday, we work towards that vision of an empowered population, a healthy environment and an educated youth for a better quality of life. We began on a much smaller scale, but we have grown in the size of our work, both in terms of the economic investments we make in benefit of children or villages,  as well as scale of the kind of  projects we take on. Parcel of Peace was named because Peace is not the absence of war but rather progress away from stagnation and dis-empowerment. We go to places to empower women and  children and  communities lacking even the most essential and basic rights in getting quality school education, health services and proper nutrition.

Welcome to our new website. Six years have passed quickly working offline but we have finally come online 2018. Anyone from the world over is now able to get in touch with us, see our projects and the progress we’ve made, or join our efforts by contacting us for volunteering or donations.

Considering the volume of the work we do, we have done much to simplify and put the information about us in easy to understand news and descriptions.

We will be posting regular blog articles and news involving our efforts in the homepage. Please follow us on Facebook, Instagram and read our latest news.

This is only the start. There is much more to come.
Thank you.

Team Parcel of Peace