Our Donor

Our most important partner is a German organization “Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen”. Its founder President, Manfred Losert, founded this non-profit association in 2000. Since then we have been continuously supported in all our efforts and tasks by the “Nepalhilfe”. Manfred Losert has succeeded in recent years in attracting well-known donors, so that even big projects, such as the construction and renovation of the Ghampeswori Primary School, Sundara Primary School, Mankamana Primary School, Arukharka Primary School, Arundaya Lower Secondary School, Brahmani Lower Secondary School, and Gandaki Primary school, Gramindevi Secondary School, Khumbeswori Secondary School, Bachchhala Secondary School, Except Gandaki Primary School, all these schools are located in Nuwakot district and all of them are government community schools.

Equipping the schools with tables, benches, boards, and cupboards Gabion work at the schools, Equipping school children with clothes, shoes and school bags, Establishment of school kitchens to provide children with lunch,
Construction of health stations for emergency medical care, Installation of smokeless clay cooking stoves in the houses of the mountain dwellers, support for families in need, Construction of toilets for the villagers and water pipes in the mountain villages, Training courses for 52 teachers and 22 cooks. A total of 2500 fruit trees were planted at the schools and in the villages

All these projects could be realized.

Unfortunately, many of our efforts were dashed by the devastating earthquake of April 25, 2015. However, the “Nepalhilfe” did not leave us alone in this difficult situation, but immediately an aid team with 3 doctors, 1 helper and relief supplies worth € 45,000 to Nepal. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Manfred Losert, it has meanwhile also succeeded in Reconstruction of 4 schools building.

In 2018, the buildings were inaugurated in the presence of Manfred Losert and Thomas Rupprecht-Mauroner and the schools were handed over to the management committees of the schools and the community. So far, the “Nepalhilfe in a small scale” has provided about 1.5 million euros as assistance in Nepal.

The detailed activities “Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen” can also be found on the homepage www.nepalhilfe-im-kleinen-rahmen.de



Manfred Losert

Founder President

I was born in 1948, live in Cadolzburg (Bavaria), am a pensioner, married and have 2 children. Since the age of 20, I am an enthusiastic mountaineer and love extreme high mountain tours, foreign countries, people and their unique cultures. When I traveled to Nepal for the first time in 1996, this country fascinated me so much that it has not left me since then. In the remote mountainous regions of the Himalayas I got to know the kindness, but also the poverty of the people. What fascinates me again and again in Nepal is the simplicity and satisfaction of the people. In the meantime, I have visited Nepal nine times. During this time I have helped through the Nepalhilfe on a small scale to realize numerous projects. My greatest joy is, when visiting orphanages or at the inauguration of schools, to be able to see happy and joyful children’s eyes. These momentn my life give me the strength to continue working for these poor people.


Gebhard Fritschi
Vice President

I was born on Lake Constance in 1941, I have been living in retirement since 2001 in Seefeld am Pilsensee (Upper Bavaria), married. During a business trip on July 27, 2006 in Nuremberg, I accidentally listened to an interview by Manfred Losert on the Nepalhilfe on a small scale. Immediately I was enthusiastic about his engagement. Already in the afternoon I sat in the office of Manfred Losert to inform me more about the possibilities to help in this country. At the inauguration of an orphanage in Bakunde and the key collection for a smaller mountain schoolhouse on March 30, 2007, I was told how important it is to help people in this poor country and to try the hardship, at least “on a small scale “to alleviate. The thanks of these people is simple and moving. Only to experience the shining eyes and the happy smile are unforgettable moments. These experiences create a deeper bond with these people and this country. But it is also an incentive to help at least “on a small scale”.

Werner Schwab

I was born in 1947 in Cadolzburg, retired administrative official and live in Cadolzburg. I have been friends with Manfred Losert for 60 years and together we undertook numerous mountain tours in the European Alps. Although I have never been to Nepal, I share Manfred’s helpfulness towards people who were not born on the sunny side of life. When Manfred Losert founded the “Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen”, it was natural for me to support him.

Thomas Rupprecht

I was born in Frankfurt am Main in 1964 and have lived in Cadolzburg for more than 20 years. I am married and have two children. For the past three years I have been a member of Nepalhilfe on a small scale because I was very interested in other cultures and languages and wanted to get involved in a relief organization where I know how to use the donations. I was able to personally convince myself of this on a trip to Nepal with Manfred Losert in March 2018. Post-earthquake reconstruction has progressed well in some places, but there is still a lot of work to do.

Gertraud Rogoli


I was born in Schwabach in 1965 and have lived with my partner in Roßtal for more than 20 years. I make a living as a commercial assistant at a worldwide company in Langenzenn. As a “globetrotter”, Asia has always fascinated me, even though I was often overwhelmed by the sometimes indescribable living conditions of people. When I became aware of the great commitment and the tireless efforts of Manfred, it was my heartfelt wish to make a small contribution here as well.

Jutta Ebersberger


I was born in Wilhermsdorf in 1965 and have lived in Markt Erlbach since 1990. I am a professional nurse. In 2015 I made a trekking tour in Nepal for the first time. Land and people have fascinated me and affected the need and poverty. Since then, I have been to Nepal several times and, thanks to the support of Nepalhilfe on a small scale, I have also been able to provide practical help.

Andreas Losert

Web designer

I was born in 1973 and grew up in Cadolzburg. After an eight-year stay abroad I have been living in Cadolzburg since 2002 and work in the field of ophthalmic optics and export at the international industrial company “uvex” in Fürth. The passion for nature and especially for the mountains was already awakened in childhood. Added to this was the interest in sophisticated photography. I am passionate about photography both in Franconia and in my numerous travels.