Earthquake Relief and Material Aid Program

A massive 7.9 Rectarscale earthquake struck Nepal on the 25th of April, 2015 and a 6.9 Rectarscale quake on 18th of May 2015. In this nearly 10,000 people died. Millions were injured. During the chaos of such devastation, there were many people without the essentials required to survive. Many lost their families, their homes, cattle as well as access to food, shelter and medicine.

Traditionally having worked mostly in Nuwakot, such a scale of emergency called us to work in other affected regions as well- especially remote ones where immediate relief was not incoming and the newly displaced were out of food and shelter. Through the shock of it all, however, it was still our duty to help soon as we were able to mobilize ourselves. We distributed aid in various places in various forms- from the epicenter of Barpak to Thewatar, kurintar to the villages of Sunkhani, Chaturale, Thansing, Chubargaun and Charghare in Nuwakot to Kagati Gaun in Dhading; Dukkuchap Gaun, Harisiddhi and Bisankhu in Lalitpur and Haibung in Sindhupalchowk.

We provided monetary aid to Dhapasi Youth Club and Shahid Hospital, organizations that were working tirelessly on similar relief work. It was a year long effort with the first three months being the most intense. The effort consisted more than just material help. We organised several medical camps in the heavily affected areas in three districts with the help of doctors who arrived from Germany. These camps helped treat more than 1000 people to ensure there were no untreated injuries.

In that span for this effort, Parcel of Peace spent 40 Lakh Nepali Rupees worth of food aid to places that were receiving very little aid or had been cut off from rest of the country due to landslides. We distributed Food aid along with blankets and shawls to keep people who were newly homeless warm and safe. The donated money was spent on purchasing and delivering items that were of the greatest need from thousands of roof sheets, tents, bulk food supplies like rice and lentils (approximately 22,000 Kilograms of food) medicines and similar essentials- items that would temporarily allow people to continue until the rebuilding could begin. In Nuwakot most of the rooves of houses in the villages had collapsed, so we provided tin sheets so people could build temporary shelters for everyone in need.

This 7.9 Rectarscale earthquake caused the six of the nine schools we had been supporting to be completely destroyed. The schools were turned into temporary shelters during the time of continuous aftershocks. More over, one of our larger efforts, the thousands of smokeless mud ovens we had distributed were destroyed as well. The devastation continued on to demolish all the newly built rooms in rest of the schools, the newly renovated rooms and new buildings were altogether destroyed. Most of the toilets built for the schools and many families were ruined as well. The investments we had made through the years were largely lost to this devastation.

Parcel of Peace is proud to announce the reconstruction of four schools to have been completed.

Also, when we hear of or find places with a poverty stricken community, in slums or remote villages, during festivals or winter season, we provide them sacks of rice, lentils, rice flakes, salt and oil. We have provided blankets and shawls to homeless women, men and mentally disabled persons who are homeless during winter.

Community Development Project  in Nuwakot is financially and technically supported by Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen, Nurnberg, Germany. The Founder President of Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen is Mr. Manfred Losert. This organisation has been supporting PARCEL OF PEACE  from the beginning. Thank you very much Nepalhilfe im Kleinen Rahmen for all your support.