Financial Grants

We endeavor to support and develop and instigate progress in the areas where we work. Essential to that mission is supporting individuals who have been economically less fortunate than others of the same community and for such reasons have less resources to spend on things that could benefit them long term. For example, buying stationary for their children’s school or paying to build toilets or not being able to pay for emergency health services which can be life-threatening. So, in order to make sure everyone in the villages where we work are able to find equal footing for tomorrow, we generously support economically backwards individuals and families- for many, we provide a monthly grant assistance that provides for their basic needs such as rent, energy or transportation costs, for many we support their children’s tuition fees, or we help many young individuals get through college. We have been providing monthly grants to more than 40 families since 2009.

Community Development Project  in Nuwakot is financially and technically supported by Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen, Nurnberg, Germany. The Founder President of Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen is Mr. Manfred Losert. This organisation has been supporting PARCEL OF PEACE  from the beginning. Thank you very much Nepalhilfe im Kleinen Rahmen for all your support.