Human Resource Support

For the schools we work with, a gnawing issue is the lack of human resources at hand essential in providing quality service to students. Being remote governmental schools, they are extremely underfunded and archaic in their approach to technology, teaching and tools . When we first began, the schools had no money to hire an English teacher. Similarly, when we introduced the lunch program in 9 schools, the schools had no ability to pay for the cooks required to make the meals. In such circumstances,improving schools and providing better care for students, we fund the salaries and expenditures fully in most cases for these kind of essential hiring that schools generally cannot afford.

Our programs in this area focus on helping the schools get a great teacher and then fund their monthly salary. We fund the salaries of the 22 cooks who work every day in the Lunch Program. And recently we have begun a series of training courses for both primary and secondary school teachers. The aim of our training is to usher in a new method of teaching and learning: using games, music and songs as a supplementary tool to develop an exciting learning environment for children so that they remain motivated and more importantly, that the new methods of teaching taught to the school teachers will ultimately help the students understand and improve their own ways of learning.

Similarly, we have conducted nutrition training program for the cooks, where in the program they learn the different food groups, the nutritional requirements of children and learn methods to measure raw food materials and different ways to preserve the nutrition while cooking.