Lunch Program

Though we had noticed that our subsidies continue to succeed in stopping economic drop outs, the children themselves were under-motivated and unenergetic and this defeated what we were working towards. In our search for the cause, we found the schools we’d been working with at the point had no lunch program and so the children were missing out on a full afternoon meal- and hence, were hungry and fatigued, which meant they had hardly any energy to focus on their classes.

Knowing that, we immediately began a Lunch Program beginning with a single public school in Nuwakot. To do this, we built new kitchens- fully equipped to serve every school child with one hot meal a day. We hired local women to cut and cook the food and we formed a committee with school staffs and parents to oversee the program.

Once the program was successfully in operation at the first school, the success of the work prompted us reproduce the Lunch Program into a total of 9 schools, which continues in 8 schools to today. For each school, a fully furnished kitchen was built, cooks were hired and committees were formed.
Of any program that we have so far lent our efforts into, the Lunch Program has by far been the most popular and the most important one, according to the parents, the students and the teachers who all recognize this program as a backbone to their school operations

Parcel of Peace spends Nrs. 5.5 Million annually solely to feeding 1200 school children in 8 schools every school day.

Lunch Programmes going on in 8 Schools in Nuwakot and Gorkha are financially and technically supported by Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen, Nurnberg, Germany. The Founder President of Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen is Mr. Manfred Losert. This organisation has been supporting PARCEL OF PEACE from the beginning.