Material Aid

Parcel of Peace does not only provide every school day hot meal to the children and give uniforms, winter clothes, school bags, shoes when we feel that they need it again, it also minimum ensures the child stays in school and still has a chance of getting the education they need.

Parcel of Peace has not only built the physical infrastructure of the schools but also furnished them fully. In every school we work, we have provided large green-boards, custom built furniture and child-sized furnitures. We also pay the salary for the English teachers the schools are unable to afford without our help.

We are also the first organization to have brought computers into the villages where we work. Before us, the children had neither seen nor ever used a computer. This is especially problematic in today’s digital age where one’s potential and ability to compete depends upon one’s technical and digital skills. Though the program is recent, we will be focusing on this area much further. We have provided several computers to a few of the schools- for both children to learn, for teachers to train and for the management to work more efficiently. We provided all the furniture the school needs before earthquake too which were totally damaged and nothing remained after 2015 earthquake. After reconstructing four schools which were totally or partially damaged in the earthquake, we have again provided furniture which were made in Kathmandu and were transported to the 8 schools.