Reconstruction of 4 schools

As part of our effort in improving the standard of education given at public schools in Nuwakot, we continuously work with the schools themselves to address their needs and wants so that the quality and guidance they offer students can be good and useful.

One consistent problem in the Nepali Public Education System is that the public schools are severely underfunded, archaic and unadvanced.
Physically, schools where we work had an insufficient number of rooms to accommodate the number of students. This led to a constipated learning environment as different grades were being taught in a single classroom. We constructed new rooms and renovated the old ones.
We changed the old rooves in many schools. To better the infrastructure of these schools, we added water storage tanks and constructed additional toilets for the use of students.

In the earthquake of 2015, almost all of the work we had done in renovating the schools were violently erased as the school themselves collapsed into rubble. Being a Saturday, we were very fortunate no children were at the site of collapse.

However, this meant that the children had no school to return to and no place to continue their education. We sprang into action to rebuild 6 of the schools from scratch. We took this as an opportunity to build better schools for the children- to build strong, resilient structures that would be safe in the case of any upcoming earthquakes. We improved the design and added more space for the schools.

Reconstructing these schools took a total of 9-10 months and the cost of the project was at 2 crore 84 lakh and 26 thousand nine hundred and thirty nine Rs.

In total we constructed 37 rooms and toilets for 4 schools.

The schools which were reconstructed by us in Nuwakot are: 1, Shree Gramin Devi Secondary School, Sunkhani, 2, Shree Arukharka Chhap Primary School, Chaturale, 3. Shree Manakamana Primary School, Chaturale, 4, Shree Arunodaya Lower Secondary School, Matra Gaun.

All the schools we have started reconstructing are complete now and the children have already started going to the new school building.

Reconstruction of 10 houses in Mukhiya Gaun :

Parcel of Peace has started reconstructing 10 houses in Mukhiya Gaun, Shivapuri Gaunpalika, Sunkhani, Nuwakot. All the 10 houses which belong to Tamang Community were totally or partially damaged due to the earthquake and they were still not in a situation to rebuild their houses after 2 years of earthquake. To help them and support rebuild their houses, we started recently reconstructing. It was a long process to get the designs, to get the approval, to find the construction company and technical person. Finally we were able to start in December 2017. The project should be finished before the onset of monsoon. We hope and try to finish all the 10 houses by May 2018 and want the families to shift to their own houses from the tin sheds. Parcel of Peace is looking forward to that moment when we finally can hand over the houses to the 10 families.

School Projects going on in 8 Schools in Nuwakot and Gorkha are financially and technically supported by Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen, Nurnberg, Germany. The Founder President of Nepalhilfe im kleinen Rahmen is Mr. Manfred Losert. This organisation has been supporting PARCEL OF PEACE from the beginning.