To stop pollution is not only the end goal for us, but we want to go a step further. Greenery, environmental rejuvenation, reforestation- these are the areas we want to work on. We have recently begun a biannual program of distributing fruit trees in Nuwakot. This is a triple solution. Distributing these commerce-grade fruit trees to economically backward communities helps not only in extending greenery but helps provide nutrition rich fruits to the villagers who otherwise have no access to such fruits or have no ability to purchase them. They are able to sell the fruits they do not need for extra income.The aim of our Plantation program is providing fruit trees such as pomegranate, pear, mango, litchi, guava, pears et cetera to two different groups of individuals we work with. Firstly, we give each student at least one or two fruit trees every year so they can grow them backand also to the villagers so they can plant and generate income from the fruits they casn sell. We distributed 200 fruit trees in July 2017. These include Litchi, Guava and Mango trees. Recently we distributed 2300 fruit saplings of Kiwis, Asian Pears, Persimmon, Apricots, Walnuts to 1200 children of 8 schools. Giving plants to children is an inspiring way to love our earth and save our earth.