Waste management

So we have organized many programs around this idea of solving our dire environmental issues. In direct ways, as there are pile ups of waste on the streets everywhere in the Kathmandu municipality, As the government and municipality do not have a good system of collecting garbage, transferring the garbage to landfill sites and separating the waste at source, all the garbage is still on the streets. To make the city cleaner, we took an initiative on Earth Day 22.04 2017 by starting a neighborhood cleaning program designed to pick up the plastics and litters on the streets of Kathmandu. We do this by collecting non-degradable wastes like plastic wastes, rubber tires and metal wastes with the help of the locals in the neighborhoods, where the clean up occurs and we coordinate the waste management with the garbage collection agencies contracted by the government. We have also given away dustbins at the sites where we do cleanups. However, in Nuwakot, where we work, the schools and villages are pristine with practically very little plastic waste. To make sure this plastic-free environment continues, we give awareness classes to students at the schools where we work by telling them about the adverse effects of plastic and the benefits of being a plastic free society. To put this into effect, we’ve distributed 2000 cloth bags to school children and villagers and adequate number of dustbins in the schools.